While working on a changelog-generation script for my vsvg project, I wanted to display the list of contributors as circular avatars, just like GitHub does in multiple places.

After a few Google searches and some failed attempts, I identified a couple of key tricks.

The first is about obtaining the avatar image for a given GitHub account. Although the URL is hard to predict, adding .png to the account page acts as redirection. For example, this url:


redirects to:


Which corresponds to this image:

my avatar

The second trick is about resizing, masking, and caching that image to generate the circular avatar. It turns out that the free and open-source service wsrv.nl does exactly this. You can check the documentation for details, but this URL does the trick:


Here is the corresponding image:

my avatar, small and circular

The parameters specify a scaling to 64x64 pixels with a tight fit, a circular mask, and a cache expiration of one week.

For the final markdown code, I further set the image size to 32x32 pixels for a nice HiDPI look:

[<img src="https://wsrv.nl/?url=github.com/abey79.png?w=64&h=64&mask=circle&fit=cover&maxage=1w" width="32" height="32" alt="abey79" />](https://github.com/abey79)

Here is how it looks (my blog is markdown-based too, so I literally copy/pasted the line above):


That’s it! You can see it in action in a changelog file or a GitHub release.